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Magnum Series: Our New LARGER CAPACITY Cooling Systems. Check it out in Spilt System "S Models"

CellarCool Products: Get our latest brochure showing off our product line. Download Here

Active Humidity-Temporarily On Hold, New Design Coming Soon: Read more about it here.

NOTICE: To activate the split system warranty, the installing certified HVAC/R service tech must complete the split system warranty checklist and send back to CellarCool.

Discontinuing the CX Ducting Kits and CX Exterior Grills: CellarCool has decided to discontinue the CX Ducting Kits and CX Exterior Grills as of September 1, 2015. The CX series systems are designed to be installed as a “Thru-Wall” mounted unit into an interior location that is no hotter than 85 degrees F. In the past, many of the ducting kits and exterior grills have been installed in an incorrect manner that might cause the system to fail. In order to have the CX units work properly and to be covered under warranty, we have determined it is best to not offer these accessories any longer.

Cold Weather Start Kit: Designed for our split-systems where the condensing unit will be installed in extremely cold environments.

Ceiling Mount (CM) Series Video: Watch this revolutionary way to maximize racking space with excellent efficiency.

Liquid Bottle Probes: Now ALL CellarCool Systems (except CX Series) have been upgraded with Liquid Bottle Probes. We now measure the actual wine temperature instead of the air temperature for more accurate climate conditions inside the cellar at no additional charge.

Lead Times: In most cases, CellarCool Systems ship in a week or less upon receipt of a purchase order.

Water Cooled Split Systems: Great way to cool a wine cellar when there is a water loop system or geothermal system available.


Commercial grade cooling for your wine cellar. Tell your HVAC/R contractor that you want a CellarCool wine cooling system to protect your wine collection.

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We've created the CellarCool product line for contractors to easily and quickly purchase from their favorite local HVAC/R Wholesale Supplier.

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UL and ETL listed

CellarCool wants you to sell commercial grade wine cooling systems to your customers. Reps nationwide and in-house Customer Service are here for you.

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The Most Extensive and Finest Product Line in the Wine Cellar Industry.

Our studies show that 50% of all wine cellars are installed with regular air conditioning equipment which can harm valuable wine collections. CellarCool Cooling Systems are designed exclusively for maintaining the ideal environment for the proper aging of wine within a cellar. Precise temperature and humidity are essential for a prized wine collection.

Exclusively Available At Your Local Authorized HVAC/R Supplier.

CellarCool commercial grade wine cooling systems are manufactured by WhisperKool to provide maximum performance. We offer the most complete cooling product line available in the wine cellar industry.

CellarCool systems are made from the finest materials and are offered in multiple cooling options. We provide the versatility to cool most any size cellar:

  • Self Contained (through-the-wall) and Ducted Systems
  • Packaged Split Systems include Ductless and Ducted options
  • Evaporator Coils Only for those who want to build a custom system